Congratulations to Drs Gopsill and Snider!

The LoCM team are delighted to announce that James (Dr Gopsill) and Chris (Dr Snider) have been appointed as lecturers at Bath and Bristol respectively.  James is a Lecturer in Engineering Design ( and Chris is a Lecturer in Design and Manufacture (

And if appointments as lecturers was not enough both James and Chris are now co-investigators on the LoCM project bringing all of their knowledge and experience to support our new PDRAs.

Congratulations to James and Chris!

Quarter 14 update – June 2017

In this quarter, a dashboard to support Team Bath Racing was implemented as part of an on-going study to examine the how the provision of project health monitoring dashboards affects managers’ interpretation and predictions of project activities and events. Initial results suggest managers using the dashboard focused more on time and personnel aspects of project activity, whereas managers interpretation of project activities without provision of the dashboard has been more product focused. Further, managers using the dashboard appear to be better placed in identifying and addressing missed predicted targets, having been more likely to formulate alternative strategies compared to managers not using the dashboard. In addition, through testing with Formula Student members, this study has also yielded several user driven design recommendations for further improvements to the developed dashboards.

The dashboard prototype designs were finalised in March, providing real-time insights into TBR17’s digital project activity. The dashboard provides team managers with information about the type and level of activity and time spent on creation, modification and manipulation of digital outputs across 16 core areas of their project; as well as their social media reach and impact.