Away-day 2016


New year, time to reflect on progress to date, consolidate and plan for the coming year.  And brighten up a cold winter’s day with some fun activities (hint: It turns out that our mild-mannered computer scientist Leon is a bit of an expert with an airgun!)

In that spirit, the LOCM team escaped the office for a spot of team-building and idea generation, particularly around the best way to create impact from our research.  We don’t just want to publish high quality papers in leading conferences and journals, you know!

As well as the specific work we are undertaking with our partners such as Airbus and the National Composites Centre, we also identified some more generic, transferable outputs, including:

  • General tool kits with guidance: shareable data sets (for use by other researchers) and tool kits of methods and guidance to be deployed in other companies – e.g. developing a generic version of company-specific competency/skills work we’ve undertaken.
  • Education/Courseware: CAD monitoring/training, team performance tools etc.

We hope to make some of these available over the coming months via this website, so watch this space…

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