Members of LoCM lead on £1.8M EPSRC Platform Grant

Members of the LoCM team have been awarded £1.8m by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to establish a world-leading research group aimed at designing the engineers of the future.

Led by Professor Linda Newnes, of the University of Bath, the platform brings together academics and researchers from the Universities of Bath, Bristol, and The West of England, and four industrial partners: Airbus Group Ltd, Moog Controls Ltd, Renishaw PLC and Cubik Innovation. The aim of the group is to undertake research to create a pipe-line of “transdisciplinary” design engineers i.e. engineers of the future. This builds upon years of prior work here at the University of Bath in the mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing research group.

A total of 20 academics/researchers will be contributing to the core of the five year platform grant. Future funding will be targeted to sustain the research and early career researchers after 2022, hence a key output for success of the grant is ensuring the development and career progression for each member of the team. Each researcher will be expanding upon their individual career management plan and specific funding is being provided throughout the term of the grant for career advancement activity, training and international secondments.

If you are interested in working with us we currently have an opportunity for a 2-year fixed term research position as well as a funded PhD position (starting October 2018). For further detail of the positions available, or if you would like to become involved with the research, please contact Professor Newnes,

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